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Diving South - Davao 2010 Part 1

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This post is long over due. When Cebu Pacific had its sale last February 2010, we decided to go Davao for June 2010 since my friend Alvin was based there at that time - which means free accommodation, free breakfast, free etc. (thanks Vin!).
I understimated Davao during the planning phase (note: past tense ha!); photo by Cesz

Round-trip airfare = 2,563.68 per pax (this is already relatively cheap for a Davao fare)

Photo Credits:
Princess "Cesz" Alaoria
Togz Roncesvalles - Cesz's gf
Alvin "Vin" Manahan - the Davao friend
Mitch - Vin's guest from the other group (coincidence that Vin's other set of friends went there at the same date)

Day 1:
We first had our breakfast at Vin's place and waited for the other group to arrive. Vin rented a van for the two groups; our first stop is at Eden Nature Park for what he calls "nature appreciation" part of the itinerary. We availed of the day tour package with plated snacks worth 255 each. You may choose between spaghetti and sandwich for the snack.
45-minute tram ride with tour guide; photo from Vin

 the tram route; map taken from http://edennaturepark.com.ph

There are green houses.
lettuce loves to grow in cool places; photo by Cesz

Mickey Mouse Plant?
guess why it is called as such; photo by Mitch

Some culture stuffs...
Madayaw na Pagkani (A Blissful Welcome); photo by Cesz

Bagani (Protector); photo by Cesz

photo by Cesz

There's also a place for events.
there was a wedding later that day; photo by Cesz

What I really like about the place is the cool and clean surrounding amidst the usually very hot Davao. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially for first timers.
greener pasture, fresh air in the city; photo by Mitch

The Philippine Eagle Center is our next stop. Visit this if you want to personally encounter the endangered national bird together with its kin species. Otherwise, you can skip this. Personally, I wasn't so much interested. But hey, for just 50 pesos I was able to see one of Davao's trademarks - why not?
Philippine Eagle; photo by Cesz

Among others,
photos by Cesz

Some fruit stalls are waiting outside the eagle center. And when you say Davao, it's durian and suha (pomelo)! We bought as much suha as we can put on our luggage since prices are very low at 45 pesos/Kilo compare to Manila's 100-120, we were shocked.
free taste, bagsak presyo! photo by Vin

Very hungry, we had our lunch at Penong's which serves grilled chicken as their specialty. It's like an inasal house.
good food at affordable prices, try it ;) photo from Mitch

For some sweets, we went to the famous Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies. They offer durian in the form of pastillas and bars. They also give free taste so you cannot go wrong. I'm on tipid mode so I didn't buy any.
may extra pa sa likod oh, kita nyo? photo by Vin

We then proceeded to Outland Adventure where we experienced the longest, fastest and tallest zipline in Asia (according to them) for 300 pesos plus 100 for the picture (optional).
 buckle up; photo from Vin

To get to the starting point, we had to walk some distance, cross a part of water and trek up to the top.  Nice experience since it involves some extra activities aside from zipping. Exhausting but fun! You may want to bring bottled water and an extra shirt as you'll end up sweaty after this activity.
crossing the water; video by Togz

And since this is my first time, I sure was nervous excited.
optional picture print out; I just scanned it

My advice is to not scream too much or you'll end up focusing on the yell rather than the zipping sensation.

We were supposed to go next in Crocodile Farm but I'm afraid of lizards/reptiles we were very tired so we decided to just take some rest and replenish a little. For dinner, Vin took us to Gardena Fresca for some good food and ambiance.
photo by Cesz

photo by Mitch

Cesz and Togz, harana at the back; photo from Cesz

Day 1 Expenses:
NAIA 3 Terminal Fee = 200
Taxi to Vin's place = 55 each
Accommodation = FREE c/o Vin
Breakfast = FREE c/o Vin
Van = FREE c/o Vin
Eden Nature Park = 255
Philippine Eagle Center = 50
7 Kilos Suha (Pomelo) = 315 at 45/Kilo
Lunch (Penong's) = 165
Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies = 0 --> kuripot!
Zipline with Picture = 400
Dinner (Gardena Fresca) = FREE c/o Vin
Total = 1,440


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  1. Chyng March 9, 2011 at 1:31 PM
    i love friends from the provinces too! instant sponsor sa trip! woot!
  2. alvindm March 10, 2011 at 10:28 PM
    i am waiting for the part two. :)
    can you give a one liner to us being chosen as models for this certain photo album product?
  3. Ry March 10, 2011 at 10:36 PM
    wag na vin, demanding ka. buti nga may exposure kau e haha :D
  4. alvindm March 10, 2011 at 10:38 PM
    i didn't pay for the van. hmmm.. hindi ka siguro nagbigay ng contribution. haha! :)

    on the model thing: no need, i mentioned it already, anyway.
  5. Ry March 10, 2011 at 10:46 PM
    vin, i have this list of my expenses in davao. wala ung van, or maybe i've included it in eden. magkano ba sa eden? i have 255 on my list
  6. Marco March 12, 2011 at 1:33 AM
    Wow, im sure you had a blast!
  7. Pinay Travel Junkie March 13, 2011 at 8:52 PM
    Eden Nature Park's my kind of place! Gotta visit when I swing by Davao someday.
  8. Ry March 13, 2011 at 9:53 PM
    guys, thanks for visiting my blog. sayang nga ndi kmi nkpag-water rafting and pearl farm sa davao.
    @pinaytraveljunkie - ill wait for your davao trip on your blog :)

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