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Serenitea: Customize Your Tea

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Probably one of the latest craze in the metro are all those milktea shops sprouting like mushrooms. One time at Eastwood, I noticed this new (then) milktea branch with quite a long queue – there must be something good! It’s Serenitea; yes, I spelled it just right: Serenity + Tea = Serenitea.

What’s interesting here is that you can customize your own tea. If you’ve been reading my food entries, you probably know what I’m really particular about – yes, the sugar level (spell D-I-E-T)! In Serenitea, the sugar level can be adjusted from from 25%, 50%, 75% up to the usual 100%. Sinkers can also be selected which include tapioca (a.k.a. pearl/sago), crystal (nata de coco), pana cotta and egg pudding among others.
thanks for the sugar level customization…
because I’m not a hardcore fan of sweets (anymore)

It has always been my practice to first try any of the best sellers. I had for myself an Okinawa Milktea which is basically a milktea with brown sugar flavor. I had sugar level at 50% and tapioca as sinker.
Okinawa Milktea tastes classic for me
literally milk + tea + sweetener… and I like it ;)

My friend had Taro Lover at 100% sugar and pana cotta as sinker. This is not really a tea. You know Quickly’s Taro-taro? It tastes the same but Serenitea’s is in juice form rather than a shake.
the white thing in the middle (not the sticker!) is the pana cotta sinker

Serenitea is such another place to hang out and have some chat with your friends. I am looking forward to try other best sellers such as the intriguing Yakult-based teas and the pica-pica Chicken Chops.

There’s usually a queue here but this post was on a Sunday morning kaya wala pang tao.

Serenitea Cha Kitchen
GF Eastwood Cybermall, Eastwood City
Website: http://iloveserenitea.com

Other Known Branches: North Greenhills (San Juan); Burgos Circle (Bonifacio Global City); Alabang Town Center; Robinson’s Place Manila; etc.

4 non-violent reactions so far.

  1. Ayel August 20, 2011 at 10:41 PM
    There's also one in Landmark, it's "Chat-ime" yata the name... Long queue as well, but I never bothered trying it. Okay nako sa Nai-cha sa chowking hahaha.. :)
  2. Ry August 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM
    ndi ko type ung sa chowking hehe. i've also heard good reviews sa cha-time n yan
  3. chyng August 22, 2011 at 1:21 PM
    ry, gusto mo sumabay sa carpool? merong taga valenzuela na sa the fort din nagwwork. magccarpool daw sya. sabay ako. baka gusto mo din..
  4. fearlessSHY April 8, 2012 at 4:57 AM
    Yakult based is really a must try =)

    Love their grapefruit and green apple yakult!!

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